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Now you can have a professional business email address with your own domain.

example: [email protected] helps you to build a professional business email address in simple steps. Once your email address is set up, you can immediately use it to send and receive emails.


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By using the services of, you no longer need to bother when creating a professional email address for your business.


Professional Appearance

Emailkerja helps you to appear more professional, which increases your customer’s trust.

No Server Needed:

Emailkerja service includes a server, so you don’t have to think about that.

Brand Enhancemen

Emailkerja can strengthen the brand of your product or business.

Simple to Us

If you can send a regular email, you can use emailkerja for sure.

Broadly Accessible

You can access Emailkerja services from anywhere, anytime and from any device.

What are the features in


You can read and write e-mails anytime and anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet.

Access from Email Application

You can access your emailkerja through an email client application such as Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird on your desktop or mobile.

Full Access Authorization

You get full access rights, so you can do email management such as creating email accounts, changing passwords, etc.


Emailkerja Anti-spam protects your email from spammers and can filter 95% of spam emails.


You can automatically reply the messages when you are not online.

Back Up

Don’t let your email accidentally or intentionally get lost. The backup feature can secure your data.

Anti Virus

The email system will automatically scan for received email attachments & automatically block viruses.

Contact and Calendar

You can save all your contacts and create an agenda in the calendar application that is in the Emailkerja service. Pricing Plans


USD 33 / 3 months
  • 5 GB Capacities
  • 200 Email Addresses


USD119 / year
  • 5 GB Capacities
  • 200 Email Addresses

Who is for?

Toko Shop

Internet Marketer



Hospitality Business

Automotive Service

Culinary Business


Start Up

Event Organizer


Hospital and Healthcare is Supported by KIRIM.EMAIL Team

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KIRIM.EMAIL sends up to 4.5 million emails a day. With experience in handling millions of emails sent, your email at will be sent smoothly and received by your recipient safely.

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(F.A.Q) is a service that helps you to build your professional email address with your own domain, for example [email protected].

To use, you must have an active domain. If you don’t have one, you can buy a domain here.

Yes, can. You can still use the services of work email on the condition that you set up MX Record, CNAME Record SPF and DKIM according to the data we provide.

You will get an email address with your own domain with a capacity of 5 GB which you can use for 200 email addresses.

There is no refund scenario in this service

You can access emailkerja through any device that has a browser. In addition, you can also use the email client application on your desktop or smartphone.

Anyone can use emailkerjal. We work on everything, you just have to use it to read and write email, and add another email address if needed.

We will provide guidance on using emailkerja simultaneously.